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Clevy allows you to create information chatbots that answer employees' recurring questions on all subjects: human resources, IT, purchasing, legal, change management...
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The best solution to get automated answers to frequently asked questions!

Unmatched performance

Clevy chatbots learn empirically over time, guaranteeing a quality of answer without equivalent on the market.

Automated response

Your chatbots are available everywhere, all the time. They answer questions without getting tired, even outside office hours.

One-stop shop

All your company's chatbots accessible in the same place, in a dedicated unified interface.


Manage your bot with ease

Thanks to its simple backoffice, creating and maintaining chatbots is now accessible to anyone. Evolutive, Clevy improves empirically to cover an ever wider spectrum of questions.

Ultra-fast creation

Create, train and deploy your chatbots across your organization within days.

Multilingual chatbots

Clevy chatbots can understand and reply in up to 6 languages, without having to make any translation effort.

Rich answers

Add attachments, images, videos, links and gifs to your chatbots' answers and provide a fun and helpful experience.

There's more! Discover all the features of Clevy and our solutions adapted to the needs of your company.

Under the hood
Natural Language Processing

Advanced linguistic understanding

Using Machine Learning and NLP, our algorithms determine the meaning and type of the question in order to best answer the user.

Fault tolerant

Our proprietary language normalization algorithms help understand the meaning of questions, even when typing or spelling errors occur.

Business vocabulary

Simply import your own specialized jargon dictionaries or business acronyms, in addition to the dictionaries Clevy understands natively.

Available anywhere,

Clevy integrates natively into all the internal communication tools that your employees already use.

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