Tackling digital complexity

The Clevy team believes human-computer interactions should feel simple and intuitive – not clunky and infuriating.

So to help businesses rekindle with their computers and information ecosystems, they’ve come up with a solution: conversational AI that allow employees to quickly access key resources and apps within one same organic interface.


Our offices

To keep our team productive and happy, we’ve created an open-concept office space that fosters collaboration, communication and creativity across all departments and teams. From thoughtful, green spaces, to team bonding activities and outings, we’re dedicated to nurturing talent, encouraging positivity, and creating room for growth.

Meet the team

Salim Jernite CEO

Bastien Botella COO

François Falala-Sechet CTO

Karim Fares Head of Development

Genevieve Bienvenue Computational Linguist

Nicolas Coden Front-end developer

Luis Carlos Rodriguez Fajardo Key Account Manager

Octave Laurentin Head of Marketing

Josua Vadeleux Développeur JavaScript

Mathieu Darrigade Software Development Engineer

Mael Adoui Backend Engineer

Marie Morel Conversational Strategy Consultant

Damien Leprovost Lead Data Scientist

Guillaume Miltin Conversational Strategy Consultant

Mathilde Rolland Event manager

Rémy Jeanjean Technical Leader

Christophe Ribault Back-end Developer

Rémi Weislinger Front-end developer

Brandon Vigne Data Scientist

Alexis Merelot Developer

Charlie Laurent Growth Hacker

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